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Lou's horoscopes Aug 17

Psychic readings,tarot readings,horoscopes
Psychic readings,tarot readings,horoscopes
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Exploration is the theme of the week. There are times when we need to take that proverbial road less traveled to truly understand who we are and what it is that karma holds for us. This can be journey without (new places and new people) or a journey within (new ways of looking at things, new approaches). Exploration begets discovery and discovery is knowledge.

It is in our very nature to seek out new vistas and to find that which may lie beyond the horizon. Exploration is, in truth, the very essence of experience. When we embark on a new job, become involved in a new relationship, move to a new location, we are exploring karmic paths that we had previously not known had existed. These types of external exploration are the essence of what our physical life is, and should be, about.

Yet there is another, equally important type of exploration that we also undertake - the exploration of the spirit. When we look at a situation from a totally new perspective, find out a surprising inner truth when we engage in reflection, or discover a new approach to resolving a problem of crisis that we had not tried before, we are invoking and participating in internal exploration. Allowing ourselves the freedom to look beyond our boundaries, external or internal, is to truly embrace karmic exploration.

GEMINI – This week there is more socializing than work. You’ll have some unusual problem solving to do, but, you’ll definitely be up for the challenge.

SCORPIO – Romance is high on your list this week. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings with that special someone. This may have been something you’ve wanted to do but held back. Hold back no more.

ARIES – Ventures in your love department are in full swing this week, especially if you have a romantic interest at a distance. Blindly jumping in with both feet is cautioned.

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