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Lou's horoscopes Aug 10

Psychic Readings,Online Psychic Readings,Tarot Readings
Psychic Readings,Online Psychic Readings,Tarot Readings
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Vision is the theme of the week. Vision has two meanings. One deals with seeing things the way they are and the other is seeing thing as we want them to become. It is important to be aware of both aspects. Just as it is important for us to see the reality in front of us, so, too, is it equally important to be able to envision the reality that we want to bring forth.

The word “vision” has two distinct and important meanings that play important roles in following the path of karma. The first meaning describes our ability to see and understand that which is before us. Discerning the reality that we face is to truly “see” and, in that sense, the gift of vision is a tangible, physical illumination of what lies ahead.

The second meaning is the spiritual aspect of vision. This entails our ability to create, in our minds’ eye, a picture of what we want the future to be. It can involve relationships, careers, or even a mental portrait of the person that we wish to become. These two facets of “vision” work in tandem to provide us with direction and inspiration. It can truly be said that, without eyes to see, whether internally or externally, we would only stumble as we make our way along the Path of Destiny.

TAURUS – Watching how you say what you say is very important this week. Time to look at that budget and pay off someone you may have borrowed from.

LEO – Your intuition is running in high gear this week. If a snag in your plan comes up follow up on that hunch and you’ll be glad you did.

AQUARIUS – While independence is very important to you, you may find yourself in a discussion about a commitment.

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