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Lou's Horoscopes April 6

Lou's Weekly Horoscopes April 6
Lou's Weekly Horoscopes April 6

This week the astro-theme is about "checks and balances".

There is a lot of conversation in the media about “checks and balances” in the government or involving political or economic matters. Yet there is another, even more important, set of “checks and balances” that truly impact each of us as we follow our own unique karmic paths. When our emotions are heightened, either positively or negatively, they can overwhelm our ability to logically assess a situation and decide if that the course that we wish to take. Conversely, when we are coldly logical and excluding our emotions and intuition, our decisions may lack the perspective how a choice may impact us much more than “a” or “b”.

Using our internal checks and balances, which is to say blending feelings and intuition with a logical and realistic assessment in making major decisions, is a true spiritual guarantee that neither our heart nor our mind will be short-changed in the process. In a real sense, these “checks and balances” are the karmic compass that provides a way of always finding our true spiritual “north” as we continue our journeys.

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