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Lottery ticket in trash: Winning $1.25 million lottery ticket thrown away

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

A lottery ticket thrown in the trash was worth $1.25 million! On April 12, Mail Online reported that a man in Pennsylvania was a regular lottery player and always played the same numbers: 4-3-4-1-8. The store clerk knew the man had won because she was so used to playing his numbers for him. She says that the man was very angry after he realized that the 25 tickets he played that fateful day were worth $50,000 each.

The man looked at the tickets and just tossed them in the trash -- even though he really should have known that his winning numbers came out since he played them almost daily. Even still, he chucked the small paper squares, likely thinking "that sort of thing would never happen to me." Boy was he wrong.

The lottery ticket tossed in the trash has not been seen since. The man had until March 13 to turn the ticket in but it was too late -- the ticket was long gone. Now no one claimed the prize and the money has gone to the state's lottery fund. And while you might think this sort of thing happens a lot, it actually doesn't.

According to the report, only 1% of winning lottery tickets go unclaimed in the state of Pennsylvania. Apparently the man who won the lottery is really ticked off (wouldn't you be?). It's unknown if he is still playing his numbers on a regular basis.

Imagine throwing a lottery ticket in the trash that was worth over a million? Yikes.