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Lott of Love - Memphis cares about its family of musicians

Lott of Love this Sunday, 2:00pm at Neil's
Gary Golightly

Lott of Love is an upcoming fundraiser that proves how much Memphis cares about its family of musicians.

James Lott has been a friend and peer to many of the people who continue to keep the eyes of the world on Memphis music.

He started playing guitar at the age of 14 and landed his First paying gig when he was only 17 years old. Since that time he has never looked back. He toured with Joey D & the Starlighters up and down the eastern seaboard with Bo Diddley. He has also toured with The Drifters and The Shirelles. He then went on the road with Charley Mclain for a few years. When he turned his attention to recording and engineering, James made a trip to Memphis to record a record with the Hot Biscuits Band. He, like most musicians, fell in love with the Memphis sound. He moved to Memphis with his guitar in hand. He begain playing in different bands around town, one of which was a great band called Good Question with well known Memphis musician Van Duren. In 1986 He landed a job at the legendary Sun Studio as the recording engineer where he would remain for over twenty years

James Lott is known not only for his passion for music but his compassion for his family and friends. It is his family and friends who are now giving him back that same compassion he has shown them over the years.

James has had some health issues recently and as any musician will tell you alcohol, drugs and women are not the benefits they need. They need medical insurance and 401 K’s. James and his wife Hettie have been going through what seems to be a never ending episode of House. It’s this, no it could be this…or wait it’s that. The Lott’s are being consumed by medical bills caused by treatments and Dr. House’s tests on his theories.

Hence Lott of Love, headed by family friends Tammy Camp and Jeff Golightly. Lott of Love is a benefit at 2:00 this Sunday afternoon July 1, 2012 at Neil’s Music Room, 5727 Quince. Some of Memphis’ best musicians will be taking the stage to raise money for James’ medical expenses. Sonny Burgess and the Legendary Pacers (with special guest Charlie Rich Jr.), The Dave Smith Band, John Kilzer, Rob Jungklas, Jeffrey and the Pacemakers, Good Question, Pat and Suzanne Taylor, Jimi Jamison and a few special guests will be performing.


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