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Lotsa Pasta: Bringing the world to Louisville


Lotsa Pasta
3717 Lexington Road,  Louisville, KY 40207
(502) 896-6361

It’s Saturday morning, and languages from all over the world are being spoken in a tiny shop on Lexington Road. A steady stream of customers flows in and around the store, past over a hundred different cheeses, a deli counter filled with olives and meats and between shelves stocked with international delights and exceptional local fare. The store is busy – crowded, but not necessarily cramped. Everyone seems to know each other as they step aside or slide past one another. The lighting is sufficient - but not abusive like one might expect in a grocery – as it reflects off the brightly colored boxes of panettone hanging overhead. And the smell …oh the smell is heavenly. Herbs and bread and cheese and whatever wonderful assemblage is taking place behind the deli counter fill the store with the most amazing aroma. This is your typical Saturday morning at Lotsa Pasta.

Cheese, glorious cheese!

Lotsa Pasta started out as a pasta shop 28 years ago but has since evolved into a foodie’s heaven. They expanded their offerings to meet the growing culinary sophistication of the customers in Louisville and have developed quite a following of regulars. In addition to the incredible offerings of fresh-baked breads, cheeses, meats and (of course) pastas, it is the go-to place for even the hardest-to-find ingredients for your ethnic dishes. From chipotle chilies in adobo sauce for your favorite Mexican dishes or lavash for your middle eastern meals – Lotsa Pasta is unrivaled in the area as an international grocery. And if you’re looking for Extra Virgin Olive Oil – real EVOO – look no further. The selection here is the best in town.

 With an enviable cheese counter manned by the self-proclaimed “Cheesemonger,” Will Evans, you’ll be hard-pressed to ask for something they don’t have or can’t get. Need some Parmigiano Reggiano from Italy, Blue Stilton from Britain or Brie from France? Or maybe you prefer the domestic ala some Wisconsin Cheddar or Capriole Goat Cheese from across the river in Indiana? It’s all here. I was just recently turned onto some fresh little goat cheese rounds from just down the road in Lexington thanks to a suggestion from the exceptionally knowledgeable staff.

Near the back of the store there is always – and I mean always – some delectable spread or dip to be sampled on some tasty little crackers or chips. I have never, not once, been in the store to find nothing to nibble on. This, of course, makes the store an instant hit with my two little foodies-in-training ages 1 and 4. Refrigerators packed full of freshly made pastas like whole wheat ravioli or tri-color tortellini, sauces, dips, appetizers and desserts like Tiramisu and Italian Wedding Cake also await you here. And, catering to a favorite soapbox of mine, families eating together at home, there are tons of ready-made items like soup bases, crusts and dough to help you kick-start your own delicious dinner and even full dinner entrees ready to be taken home, popped in the oven and heated up. And up front, right behind the checkout so you will actually not forget it this time, is a nice assortment of breads like hearth-baked Italian, Ciabattas, Focaccias, Sourdough and other specialty breads.

Needless to say, I love Lotsa Pasta. They truly bring the world to Louisville through a masterful blend of gourmet sophistication and the down-home feel of a mom and pop store. Located at 3717 Lexington Road, Lotsa Pasta is open every day of the week - Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 12pm to 5pm.


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