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Lots of wildlife early in the day

 Block Island National Wildlife Refuge
Block Island National Wildlife Refuge
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Nature Conservancy identified Block Island as one of the 12th, ‘Last Great Places’ in the Western hemisphere. It plays an important refuge for wildlife also providing a place where people can appreciate the natural environment of the island.

Block Island National Wildlife Refuge is 46 acres of sandy beaches and rolling dunes in the northern part of the island. The refuge at Block Island has a large variety of migratory songbirds (over 70 species) visiting each fall. Block Island is located on the Atlantic flyway with overhead birds flying their migratory journey.

It is globally recognized as one of the most important migratory bird habitats on the east Coast, with hundreds of birdwatchers visiting the island each fall. It was established in 1973 and has grown to its present size of 127 acres.

Mohegan Bluffs are 150’ high clay cliffs located on the southern shore of Block Island. The cliffs are picturesque with an unforgettable view from the top, with an Atlantic Ocean view for many miles. Visitors may choose to descend a steep staircase over 100 steps to the beach known as Corn Cove.

Block Island RI is 13 miles south of the Rhode Island coastline. Its population of 1,015 expands over summer with the influx of tourists. As a summer vacation it is known for its beaches with sailing, fishing, hiking and bicycling. It has two historic lighthouses, Block Island North Light on the north tip, Block Island Southeast Light on the southeast. During Block Island Race Week each summer the island hosts a weeklong competitive sailboat race.

Point Judith RI is a village on the coast of Narragansett RI. It is on the western side of the bay opening out into Rhode Island Sound. It is the principle location for year round ferry service to Block Island.

Block Island Ferry is he fastest link to the island, taking 55 minutes. There are three points for departure to the island, Point Judith RI, Newport RI, and Fall River MA.

Point Judith Lighthouse is located on the tip of the Rhode Island landmass to warn passing seagoing ships of the shoreline. The island was named after a passenger on a small vessel that went aground nearly wrecking. Her contribution resulted in the vessels rescue.

Block Island Sound is a strait in the Atlantic Ocean about 10 miles wide, separating Block Island from the coast of mainland Rhode Island. Narragansett Bay is an estuary on the north side of the Rhode Island Sound.

Point Judith RI is a 6 1/2 hour drive of 422 miles from Rochester NY. Drive I-90 east past Albany into Massachusetts then US 95 south before Boston into Rhode Island. Continue US 95 south past Providence and south on route 1 and route 108 following signs to Point Judith.

Here is a visitor’s impression of their visit.
“My favorite time is first thing in the morning - just before sunrise and when the sun hits the lighthouse.”

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