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Lost Week 4: The Shephard Boys

Hurley and Jack, before embarking on this week's quest.
Hurley and Jack, before embarking on this week's quest.

On the surface, the "sideways" stories this season on Lost have been much less flashy when compared to what's going on back at the island.

"Locke looks for a new job" can't really compete with "UnLocke reveals one of the island's biggest secrets."

Yet it's been enjoyable to watch these stories for what they offer: a chance to see other versions of the characters take -- and ultimately pass-- tests that their island selves had failed.

Unfortunately, the chance to see John Locke -- a man doomed by his inability to accept his own limitations on the island -- come to terms with his paralysis and lead a happy life last week set the bar kind of high for this week's episode. And Jack's "Cats in the Cradle" story just couldn't compete.

One one hand, it's nice to see Jack -- who has a teenaged son in sideways L.A. -- try to be a better father than his own was. It's interesting that Dogen, wise man of the temple on the island , would show up in L.A. X and dispense advice for Jack. Hey, it's just interesting that this Jack has a son. But let's hope that the show will soon start connecting its two storylines in some more meaningful, concrete way.

Because after last week's amazing run through the jungle with Sawyer and the Black Smoke, this one just sort of trotted along. Jack's journey into the lighthouse, and his realization that Jacob has had plans for him his entire life, will almost certainly have deeper meaning down the road. It's just that there's not a lot of that road left.

Other thoughts and questions:

  • Now that sideways Jack knows about Claire, will we see them meet? 
  • As for Jack's scar: remember that he had his appendix removed on the island back in season four.
  • Funniest moments of the night: Hurley's "I just lied to a samauri," and his needlessly elaborate tic tac toe game with Miles.
  • Who is Jacob bringing to the island? Let's hope it's Desmond, who's been sorely missed this season.
  • Glad to see the show address Christian's empty coffin, which hasn't been referenced since season one.
  • Not much to say about crazy Claire, other than it's kind of creepy how she calls UnLocke "my friend." 


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