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Lost treasure: Shakespeare in fast food

Christopher Walken plays McDuff in the outrageous retelling of Macbeth
Christopher Walken plays McDuff in the outrageous retelling of Macbeth
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     More often than not when it comes to movies most people haven’t heard of it is usually for the best that these films stay unknown. However, there are rare instances when movies are just lost, even though they are far more worthy of attention than the eight or so romantic comedies that come out every month. Scotland, PA is one such movie.
      The movie retells Shakespeare’s classic tale of Macbeth set in 1970’s small town Pennsylvania. For the most part the events of the film unfold just as they do in the play, but it’s the way the story adapts itself to the modern setting that is half the fun. Macbeth still murders Duncan at the urging of his wife except instead of claiming a kingdom; he instead kills him to take possession of Duncan’s fast food restaurant, the first to develop the drive-through.
      The high point of the movie comes in the form of Macbeth’s nemesis, McDuff, played by none other than Christopher Walken. Walken demonstrates much of the same offbeat comedic style that he displayed in some of his legendary SNL skits.
      Overall Scotland, PA makes for a unique movie experience. It draws you in with its dry and often dark humor. Although, it does take its sweet time before it really gets going and a movie that stars Andy Dick as one of the three witches may not be for everyone. But, if you’re looking for something that stands apart from anything else you are likely to see in theaters Scotland, PA is a movie you should consider tracking down.