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Lost in Translation: Video Games Based Movies (Cont.)

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Could this be the dawn of a new era in films?
Could this be the dawn of a new era in films?
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Ubisoft in the moviemaking business.
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One person who stands out as a great example of this is Paul W.S. Anderson. He has made quite a few movies that were based on video games and for the most part, hated by those who actually played the games; which were quite good. Perhaps the best example of this is the Resident Evil movies. The first Resident Evil film which was written and directed by Anderson was not well received by most that went to see it. The general feeling was that there was a minimal effort into the authenticity of the film and how could there be? The movie was made without the consultation of the developers who created the game. Why didn’t they think that was important? The information that the developers could have provided would have had a huge impact on the final result and might have changed the way people felt about the movie.

In 2011, Ubisoft solidified their intentions with the establishment of Ubisoft Motion Pictures and they have already announced that, in collaboration with Sony Pictures and New Regency, a Watch Dogs film will be coming to a theater near you. I think this is a gutsy move considering that it is unknown how successful the game will be and there has never been an announcement of a video game based film without the game having achieved some level of success. With that being said, should the game be a hit and the subsequent film is a success, then the proverbial floodgates might be opened and other game studios may feel that creating a film department may be a way to extend their fan base and, dare I say, make some money. After all, game studios have to generate revenue in order to keep producing games.

Sony Pictures has also announced that there will be a film adaptation of Assassins Creed; another Ubisoft title. I think that movie will serve as the gauge as to what might now be possible with video game based movies. When you consider the mix of the game developers, good writers, and awesome technology, we could be in for some fantastic cinematic experiences that maintain an air of authenticity while giving us gamers a new experience with something that we’ve experienced before. Personally, I hope that this all work better that it has in the past because a Mass Effect movie would be awesome!! Happy Gaming!!

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