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Lost in the red tape of L.A. county animal shelters: Another dog doomed to die

This Chow Chow mix is only 3-years-old. He is labeled "rescue only" by the shelter, but red tape rules state no one else will be permitted to evaluate this dog's temperament. Is he doomed to die?
Animal Care and Control

Not even three-years-old, this Chow-Chow mix with no name has only been spared the finality of being euthanized at Animal Care and Control of Los Angeles on a day to day reprieve.

On Valentine's Day, this handsome, but terrified dog became A4676514:

"I don't have a name yet and I'm an approximately 3 year old male chow chow. I am not yet neutered. I have been at the Lancaster Animal Care Center since February 14, 2014. I am available on February 19, 2014. You can visit me at my temporary home at L338.

The staff/volunteers here haven't had a chance to really get to know me yet. Please visit me at the animal care center and ask about spending some one-on-one time with me."

At first a rescue organization was very interested in rescuing A4676514, but the stress of being captured, left alone in a kennel, and a host of strange people and clamor all about him made him very nervous. When this poor dog failed his "dog on dog" evaluation, the shelter labeled him "rescue only."

The previous organization backed out until a new evaluation on the dog's temperament could be performed; the shelter will not allow anyone to test because of insurance liability concerns.

And here he sits. Only a "rescue partner" of the Lancaster Shelter will be permitted to take this dog; otherwise he dies.

Rules and red tape preclude many dogs from rescue; most professional dog trainers will agree that some dogs, who otherwise would be wonderful pets and companions, do not do well in the shelter environment and have been needlessly euthanized.

Follow this dog's Facebook page and the animal lovers who are trying desperately to save his life by clicking here.

A short video can be viewed by clicking here.

Proper evaluation of the Chow Chow breed can be read by clicking here.

More than $400 has been pledged to a qualified rescue organization to help this dog.

For more information about the Lancaster Animal Care Center and how a rescue organization can save this dog's life before it is too late, please click here.

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