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Lost pet procedures for happy endings.

Pet parents and pet advocates designated July as Lost Pet Prevention Month this year, and there were many happy endings for pet owners with lost pets when proper and effective procedures for finding your lost fur baby were followed. Statistics show that 1 in 5 pets go missing as a result of being frightened by storms or fireworks. Adventurous fur babies will also escape from a back yard if they really want to. Happy statistics also show that 93% of lost dogs and 75% of lost cats are found if effective procedures for finding a lost fur baby are used. A microchip with a current phone number will ensure that your pet is returned safely . Sarasota has several organizations that aid in finding lost fur children. The Sarasota Sheriff's Department uses social media very effectively to post notices of lost pets. The department's Facebook page posts notices of lost pets with photos, detailed descriptions, and the area in which the pet went missing. Updates are also posted with happy endings when the pet is located.

Fur babies honored with stamps
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The organization Support No Kill Manatee County also manages a Facebook page and citizens may notify them with a description of a lost pet and the area in which the pet has been lost. Updates are posted regularly until the pet is found and happy updates are posted when the pet is found. Both the Humane Society of Sarasota and the Humane Society of Manatee County aid in finding lost pets. Pet parents may call both organizations with information about a pet that has gone missing.

Paul Mann is the founder and CEO of Fetch! Pet Care, the country's largest and most trusted franchisor for professional pet care, pet sitting, and pet fitness. He offers several other suggestions for effective procedures for finding your lost pet.

*In addition to contacting shelters and other organizations, contact your local veterinarians. A good Samaritan will often take a found animal to the nearest clinic.

*Hand out flyers and recent photos of your pet to mail carriers, neighbors, and delivery people.

*Place flyers with your recent photo of your pet around the neighborhood. Many vendors will allow you to post on a bulletin board.

** is a recommended website for posting information about your lost pet.

* is also a recommended website to aid in finding a lost pet.

*Consider using a lost pet recovery service such as

*Place food and water outside your home. A wandering pet will most often find their way back home by themselves and a welcoming bowl of food and water will be a nice find for them.

*Don't give up. There are hundreds of stories about lost pets that are found after several months or even years.

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