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Lost, parallel universes, and the meaning of life

Accessing the Zero Point Field
Accessing the Zero Point Field
Kimmy/Kimmy Sharing Light

I love quantum physics! Not that I understand it (does anyone really?), but reading quantum theory is one of my favorite pastimes. This is what drew me into the Lost TV series from the very first show - I just knew it was headed in that direction, and I wanted to go along for the ride. I have not been disappointed.

In the sixth and final season opener, we are confronted with the idea of parallel universes. This has been a fascination to me since I was first exposed to it in my Stellar Astronomy course many years ago at Ohio State University. Many Worlds is an interpretation of quantum mechanics. It also goes by other names such as many-universes, the relative state formulation, theory of the universal wavefunction, parallel universes, or many-universes interpretation.

A simplistic way
to explain this is that everything that could have occurred did in some parallel universe, as well as anything that ever can be, will be. In other words, an infinite number of universes providing infinite experiences.

This makes perfect sense to me, as those of you who have read my other blogs on the Game of God may not be surprised to read. After all, if you are an infinite being at play in the dimensions of the physical, would you not desire and so create infinite experiences?

It also plays into the ideas so prevalent in the "New Age" literature, as well as some interpretations of quantum physics (it's fascinating how those two are coming together, to the consternation of some!) about our true nature as co-creators of our own experiences. It is all about our intention and beliefs determining which world/universe we are experiencing, and the idea of different aspects of ourselves splitting off or perhaps diverging is a better word.

Consider this: are we not often conflicted in our desires? One part of us wants one thing, while another wants something in direct conflict. A very simple example is someone who has a habit, smoking for example, and one part wants to quit, but another part likes the feeling and does not want to quit. It could be about relationship- one part wants to be in a relationship, another part does not or wants more than one. Lost gives us a great example of this with the character Kate and her strong feelings for both Jack and Sawyer.

In these instances, new aspects would diverge allowing both experiences. It is often the seemingly inconsequential decisions that can also have those effects.

Many years ago I was in an auto accident. I was working in a retail store and was asked to stay over past my scheduled time to quit. I really wanted to go home and spend time with my family, so I declined. On the way home, a car pulled out in front of me, we collided, and I still did not get home to my family for several hours. Instead, I was in the ER having my nose sewn back on by a plastic surgeon. A small decision, but with bigger repercussions than I would have imagined at the time.

We all have many of these stories, and many we will never know, at least in this lifetime. The roads not taken, opportunities lost, and seeming mistakes - what if all the roads were taken, and all opportunities experienced including the experience of not taking them, and all seeming mistakes are just providing infinitely diverse experiences to our eternal, infinite Self?

One of my favorite movies
, It's a Wonderful Life, hints at this in its story of a desperate man who gets a chance to see what his corner of the world would have looked like had he not been born.

The question that arises
may be, so what? What if that is true? How does that help me in the existence I am in now?

This is where it gets really
interesting to me. If, as some quantum theorists believe, nothing can exist without consciousness, and consciousness is what provides the intention and the fuel for all of what we think of as creation, then as we become more in control of our own minds (thoughts, beliefs, and intentions), we begin to consciously choose which of the infinite experiences the Persona we think of as 'me' will experience. Hmmmm...maybe need to re-read that...

It's not simply about making "affirmations," or just "positive thinking." Too often the complexities and subtleties of truly understanding how we are involved in creating our experiences, our personal and collective world, are misinterpreted and/or simply not understood except at a most shallow level. Still, even that is a start. We have to be where we are to get where we are going.

This brings me back to Lost. Without at least a basic understanding of our universe, including what we think of as our 'selves', as energy, in the form of collapsed quantum waves (a manifestation instead of a potentiality), it may be very difficult to get our minds around how the characters can co-exist in two different realities or versions of reality.

I hope this show has sparked interest in quantum physics and all its amazing implications in viewers. It is so much more than understanding a television show plot line. It's about beginning to understand that our individual dramas are so much more than we ever thought, and the potential for consciously choosing how our dramas play out is much more vast than we have ever dreamed. Until now.

The collective dream is changing, and Lost is but one manifestation we have all created together to help us remember who we really are, why we are really here, and how powerful we truly are.

There are so many great books that can help open our minds to these new concepts (at least new to many - they are actually ancient, just different words in different cultures). An extremely abbreviated book list for those so inclined to explore further:

The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot

The Intention Experiment, Lynn McTaggert

Parallel Universes, Fred Alan Wolfe

The Physics of Miracles: Tapping into the Field of Consciousness Potential, Richard Bartlett

Spontaneous Evolution, Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D. and Steve Bhaerman

A couple of excellent movies to see, or see again, along these lines are:

What the Bleep!? - Down the Rabbit Hole, Quantum Edition (although any edition is worth watching)

The Shift

You Can Heal Your Life, the movie (great book, too)

The Secret

And less overtly, but the ideas are there, nonetheless:

The Matrix

Groundhog Day

The Wizard of Oz

There are so many more to choose from, and we each are led to what is perfect for us at any given moment. Being open to new ideas, new ways of perceiving, and allowing in new information changes our lives, perhaps shifting us into a more expanded, joyful, and powerful experience of who we are. Quantum physics helps us to understand how holistic healing methods may be working at this deep level beyond current means to fully understand, much less measure.

What reality would we like to awaken to tomorrow? We may have much more say in this than we ever imagined in the past. How wonderful that we can imagine anew in each and every moment, tapping our heels, and realizing we had the power to go home anytime we wanted to, after all.


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