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Lost Maryland dog adopted to another family: Owner hopes to be reunited

Will the new owners give Sandy back to her original family?
Will the new owners give Sandy back to her original family?
Tina Haw 'Sandy Wemissyou' Facebook

Tina Haw, of Lusby, Maryland has not given up hope about being reunited with her eight-year-old Pekingese and terrier blend dog who went missing from her home in July. More than one month later, the adorable little pooch has a new home, and her new owners are not willing to give her up.

Sandy had been picked up as a stray by St. Mary's County Animal Control and adopted out to a new family through the Tri-County Animal Shelter.

According to Haw's Facebook page dedicated to being reunited with her beloved dog, Sandy Wemissyou, Haw states she had been visiting relatives from June 25 to July 25, and her husband had been left in charge of the family's two dogs. One morning, on a routine "potty outing" Sandy, the Peke ran away. Her husband Len searched the area for the dog, but had no luck and didn't tell his wife about Sandy because he didn't want her to worry. Sandy was not microchipped.

On July 11, unbeknown to Tina and her family, the dog had been picked up 20 miles away in St. Mary's County and taken to Tri-County Animal Shelter in Hughesville. The reports that a few days after Tina returned, she learned her dog had been adopted by a new family. According to Animal Control Chief Edward Tucker, stray pets are on a mandatory hold for 72 hours in order to give their owners a chance to find them. Sandy had been held an extra 48 hours by the Tri-County Animal Shelter.

Tina and her four children are heartbroken and are hoping the new owners might reconsider.

"To the adopters of Sandy:
Please if you are reading this, return Sandy to me and my children. We miss her and our hearts break a little each day she isn't here with us. I will pay all costs that was paid in taking care of her and get you another dog that would be perfect for you. That way we will be saving the life of another fur friend. Please I am begging you to give me my baby that I love and miss so much. No questions asked. Do the right thing for everyone please. Thank you
Tina Haw"

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