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'Lost Girl' will sing for freedom

Kenzi: "Dear K, I g2g. Go Han Solo and all that. I don’t know how I got to do this, but yolo, right? Holla at you soon, Tam Tam."
Kenzi: "Dear K, I g2g. Go Han Solo and all that. I don’t know how I got to do this, but yolo, right? Holla at you soon, Tam Tam."

The Morrigan: “The higher you climb, the more you realize that you are surrounded by sycophants and assassins.”

Bo: "The prodigal wolf returns."

Lauren: “You are so dramatic.”

The Morrigan: “No, I am realistic in a dramatic world, honey.”

“Of All the Gin Joints” is tonight’s episode of “Lost Girl.” Warning: this article does contain spoilers. To review what happened last time, click here. Check out the slideshow for more quotes from the episode. “Lost Girl” airs Monday nights at 9 on Syfy.

Bo’s memory loss finally comes back into play! Ianka tells of the Bo she met assumedly when Bo was missing/taken by the Wanderer. Of course instead of revealing those memories, we get a glimpse of random ones when Bo was on the train. The memories don’t tell anything other than the Wanderer marked Bo, whatever that means. This is a step in the right direction, but the writers need to continue to reveal clues otherwise this will get confusing rather than intriguing. Any theories on what it means to mark someone? My guess is it is a claim, meaning Bo is not free.

The best part of the Ianka storyline is that she provides some answers and mystique. Her love affair and wanting to be free is really not all that exciting. You have to put up with it in hopes of getting more answers about Bo’s time on the train. Another confusing part is why Ianka needed to have a connection with Hale. All it seems to have done is give the writers an excuse to bring Hale back into the mix. Also, there are a couple jealousy moments because Hale is with Ianka and not Kenzi for a couple scenes, but that is more annoying than anything because Ianka never came across as a real threat. It is just a petty moment for some drama. Did you enjoy Ianka’s storyline?

The Morrigan and Lauren have a bit of bonding time. They get drunk and chummy with one another. At first, there is a question of why we are seeing this, but it ends up being entertaining. The main reason for that is because we see an entirely new side of the Morrigan. She doesn’t seem to be putting on a show for Lauren or anything. It’s intriguing watching the Morrigan be nice and funny. Of course then the storyline goes to a moment of confusion when Lauren kisses the Morrigan, and then pulls some clear film off her lip. My guess? It has the Morrigan’s DNA, but why would Lauren want that? This sets up a new potentially interesting storyline for Lauren, but the writers will need to do some explaining in the next episode. What are your theories?

Leave me your thoughts in a comment below. Why did the death note affect Hale and not Bo? Hale is going to be okay, right? Don’t answer that, leave me to my happy thoughts. Make sure you hit subscribe.