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'Lost Girl" to return to SyFy with George Takei as the villain

'Lost Girl" to return to SFy with George Takei as the villain
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Season four of SyFy's 'Lost Girl' is set to return on Jan. 13 with a few interesting guest stars including George Takei from "Star Trek" fame and Ali Liebert from "Bomb Girls".

According to, George Takei has this so say about the role he will play in the upcoming "Lost Girl" season:

"his magical character is "thoroughly evil" and that the outrageous personality quirks made "for a juicy character to sink my teeth into. I play a very elegant, very debonair and obviously quite foppish gentleman who has enormous powers. And he's also very, very wealthy and so it's a lot of fun playing this over-the-top kind of character."

And that is all we get to know for a fe more weeks. When we left Bo she was trying to return the lines between the Dark and Light Fae that leads her on a journey of discovery. They discover team work and come against a few new enemies including Takei who will play this part perfectly.

"Lost Girl" is filmed in Canada and had originally been set to premiere in late February but according to several sites it has been moved back to Jan 13.

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