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'Lost Girl' lives a different life

Kenzi: "Damnit, act like you want to tear my clothes off!"
Kenzi: "Damnit, act like you want to tear my clothes off!"

Aife: “I need help finding my daughter. Her name is Bo.”

Kenzi: "I will have you know, I have seduced many a rich dork before, I think."

Dyson: “Bo?”

Kenzi: “Kinda a dude’s name, am I right?”

“In Memoriam” is tonight’s episode of “Lost Girl.” Warning: this article does contain spoilers. To review what happened last time, click here. Check out the slideshow for more quotes from the episode. “Lost Girl” airs Monday nights at 7 on Syfy.

Kenzi is a fae who is dating Dyson? Vex is the leader of the Dark fae? Hale is hopelessly in love with Kenzi? What is happening? It’s a whole new world, but there is one thing missing that no one seems to remember: Bo. This is definitely an interesting way to kick off the season. There isn’t much revealed about what happened to Bo after The Wanderer took her, but this episode has enough mystique and intrigue that it is okay. Plus, what is discovered is that The Wanderer has some serious power in order to make this many people forget the existence of Bo. Strangely, the only one who remembers is Aife. What did you think of the Bo-less world?

The fae world is hunting down humans and labeling them terrorists. Kenzi has to rely on interesting ways in order to stay alive. She is using some black market fae sparkly power in order to keep the fae off her back, especially since the Una Mens have arrived. Speaking of the Una Mens, they’ve got everyone on edge, but they haven’t made their appearance yet. It will be exciting to see when exactly they appear, and what “ensuring the old laws are followed” really means. Bo and Kenzi aren’t really sticklers for fae laws, so learning some of the old ones could be interesting. One law that is known is that claiming a human (aka what Bo did with Kenzi) defies the blood laws. What are your theories on The Una Mens?

Even though no one remembers Bo, there are clues everywhere. The Wanderer card is present in the Dal. Kenzi especially starts to have flashes of memories of Bo. There are throwbacks to the pilot when it is Aife and Kenzi in the diner. It is curious to see in what places Kenzi slips up, like calling Trick gramps. Surprisingly, Vex worked out the memory loss long ago. One thing that is unclear is if this new world is merely what would have happened if Bo never existed or if there is something else dictating what happens in this Bo-less world. There is never any clarification on it, and some things don’t immediately tie back to Bo not existing. Kenzi is well infiltrated in the fae world, which probably would not have happened without Bo. What are your thoughts on the memory loss?

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