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'Lost Girl' babysits Tamsin

Dyson: "She has the most beautiful heart, and it breaks anytime someone she loves is hurting."
Dyson: "She has the most beautiful heart, and it breaks anytime someone she loves is hurting."

Young!Tamsin: “What is BFFs?”

Dyson: "Bo is love with Lauren, but I still fight for her because I still know how I feel."

Kenzi: “Well it’s when two people would do anything for each other and have always got each other’s backs, like if one’s in trouble, the other gets them out. If one’s sad, the other puts on sparkly make up and takes them out dancing.”

“Sleeping Beauty School” is tonight’s episode of “Lost Girl.” Warning: this article does contain spoilers. To review what happened last time, click here. Check out the slideshow for more quotes from the episode. “Lost Girl” airs Monday nights at 7 on Syfy.

Everyone is on the search for Bo. After learning that Bo is not on this physical plane, Dyson and Hale set out to find a tracker. Firstly, it is great to see Dyson and Hale teaming up again being detectives. They have a great, entertaining dynamic, and during the episodes where Hale was the Ash, they didn’t interact hardly at all. Plus, Dyson helps Hale realize that he needs to man up and tell Kenzi how he feels. Yes, this is a tad awkward due to the Dyson and Kenzi dating during the time when they didn’t remember Bo. Did you enjoy seeing Hale and Dyson act as partners again?

Let’s chat Bo, shall we? She wakes up on a train that seems to be flying on clouds. This is not weird at all. What’s interesting is that Bo also seems to be suffering from memory loss of some sort. She says Kenzi’s name, and then takes a minute to realize that the name Kenz means something to her. Honestly, all the memory loss hasn’t been explained. For instance, why is it necessary for everyone to forget? The writers still have a lot of explaining to do about the Wanderer and how he operates. They are definitely providing clues, but the memory loss really needs to be discussed soon. What are your theories?

Dyson makes another trip to the crash site, and this time, surprisingly, he finds a small child. Guess who it is? That’s right! It’s a tiny Tamsin! Valkyries live many lives, and Tamsin has begun a new one. Right now, Tamsin does not remember anything about her previous life, and Trick claims that she might never well. Hopefully this is not the case. It would be okay if her memory came back in pieces, as long as it fully returns. She can provide answers about The Wanderer that no one else can. In the meantime, young!Tamsin and Kenzi provide the humor of the episode as Kenzi deals with trying to babysit. What are your Tamsin thoughts and theories?

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