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'Lost Girl' 4x13 'Dark Horse': The heart of the matter

Trick: "I swear, the true identity of your father remains shrouded from me."
Trick: "I swear, the true identity of your father remains shrouded from me."

The Morrigan: “A mother’s work is never done.”

Bo: "I have always known this, but now I need you to tell me everything you know about my blood."

Trick: “Neither is a grandfather’s.”

“Dark Horse” is the season finale of “Lost Girl.” Warning: this article does contain spoilers. To review what happened last time, click here. Check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight’s episode. “Lost Girl” airs on Syfy.

Alright, let’s try to make sense of whatever just happened in this episode. It looks like Bo’s claim or mark is weakening her. Somehow she can feel her father getting closer to the portal. This does not make any sense, but seeing as how we know very, very little about her father, the writers seem to want us to accept the fact that this is something Bo can do, and roll with it. At some point, someone has to start giving answers about Bo’s father and what all his blood can do. Honestly though, Bo did not need to be able to feel her dad coming. It is kind of obvious that this is what the opening of the portal would lead to. The writers could have left whatever was happening with her mark out of it. Speaking of her father, it would have been great if he actually appeared. With all this build up, it would be fantastic to finally see the guy. After all, he seems like the only one who can provide some answers. What are your theories on Bo’s father?

Massimo is very, very unstable. This much is clear. He ends up killing Rainer, which is unexpected. This entire season has been about uncovering the truth behind who Rainer is, and then about his connection to Bo. The writers never actually make viewers fall in love with them. Instead, we are told they are in love and that it is true and that they are partners. Sure, it can be said, but it doesn’t mean that viewers are going to buy it. When Massimo ate the origin seed, it made him unstable, and the entire episode shows moments of the power almost consuming him. It would have been great if that was how he died. Instead, he does manage to control it, and Bo is the one who puts an end to him. The Morrigan shows up to do something. It is unclear what because Bo ends up uses her to execute her own plan. It would have been great to know what the Morrigan intended to do by showing up. What did you think of Massimo during this episode?

In order to close the portal, Bo’s heart is required. Kenzi manages to figure this out while reading some weird ancient text. The writers could have shown more of the how she came to have this realization. Because it seems like Trick is aware of Kenzi’s intention. Kenzi learns that she is Bo’s heart, and so she sacrifices herself to close the portal. It is great to see Kenzi realize that she has a place, even though it means her dying. What is annoying is that this happens right after she asks to be unclaimed. There is not any time spent with Bo and Kenzi on the outskirts, nor is there a moment of reconciliation. Kenzi does not even act as if there is a difference now that she is unclaimed. It would have been great to highlight Bo and Kenzi’s separation, and then show Kenzi learning what her role to play in all of this is. If it had happened this way, then Kenzi’s sacrifice could have had a bigger impact. Any theories on how Bo will get Kenzi back?

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