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'Lost Girl' 4x09 'Destiny's Child': The Blood King connection

Trick: "I am the one to be worshipped."
Trick: "I am the one to be worshipped."

Bo: “She’s brilliant. He’s strong. Her life is little. His life is long. Both loves are pure. Both loves are true. If you were I, who would you choose?”

Trick: "I don’t have time to explain myself to a human and a low life."

“Destiny’s Child” is tonight’s episode of “Lost Girl.” Warning: this article does contain spoilers. To review what happened last time, click here. Check out the slideshow for more quotes from the episode. “Lost Girl” airs Monday nights at 9 on Syfy.

Alright, here is what we know about The Wanderer. His name is Rainer, and he was Trick’s mortal enemy way back when. Rainer made a move again Trick, and so Trick used his blood to wipe Rainer from existence. Somehow, Rainer became the Wanderer. It is still unclear what Rainer has been doing all this time. Has he just been plotting his revenge against Trick? He seems to have gathered quite the following, power, and mystique in all that time since Trick wrote him out of existence. There are still many questions that need answers. What’s great is Rainer’s tie to Trick explains why he has been focused on Bo, as well as, why Trick hasn’t been pulling his weight in order to figure out who the Wanderer is.

This episode definitely gives viewers a glimpse of the Blood King. He and Trick are basically two separate people. Between the flashback and Ming’s questioning, viewers get a very good sense at who Trick used to be. The writers manage to provide enough information to really understand how egotistical the Blood King was. There are still some questions about Tamsin. The flashback shows that Tamsin believes she is at the end of lives. Valkyrie mythology has never really been explained. Apparently this is her last life now (in the present) because she has her wings, but who knows how many lives a Valkyrie typically lives or is supposed to live. It is great to see that Tamsin’s job as a Valkyrie was to take the souls of the warriors. The writers do provide more clues about Valkyries, but there still are many questions. What is your impression of the Blood King?

Here are quick thoughts on elsewhere in the episode. This is the episode of duos! We’ve got Kenzi and Tamsin partnered up, which is fabulous. Last season Tamsin wasn’t sure what all the hype was about Kenzi, so it has been great to see the two of them developing a relationship. Dyson and Lauren team up again. The banter between them is great, and seeing them as friends is much better than when they hated each other. Let’s be honest, Rainer better be doing something to Bo in order to make her act all lovey dovey. I am not buying this “destiny” line. It does not sound like Bo at all. Plus, why did she need to be dark in order to search for him? Personally, I feel like if Bo magically became light, she would be just as upset and curious. What are your theories on Bo’s sudden change of heart?

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