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Lost Final Season: Party Ideas

Final season of LOST begins tonight, February 2, 2010 on ABC.
Final season of LOST begins tonight, February 2, 2010 on ABC.

It's here...the final season of LOST. 17 million viewers will be looking for answers to one of the most fascinating television series of our time. So what better reason to have party? Whether you're having a gathering tonight to watch the season 6 premiere, the final episode in May or anywhere in-between -- here are just a few ideas to get you started planning a LOST party.

Invitations: There are so many options, here are just a few: Travel brochure (think John Locke's Australian Walkabout), Airline boarding passes for Oceanic flight 815 or Lottery tickets depicting 4-8-15-16-23-42. Get creative by visiting your local craft stores like Michaels or Jo-Ann's.

The Setting: For an island feel, place tiki torches and palm trees outdoors. Decorate a bar or the entrance to your kitchen with bamboo to resemble and island hut. Suspend little airplanes on fishing wire from the ceiling. Hang posters with island scenery on the walls. Add accessories to tie in the theme like an inflatable raft to house the shoes, handbags and coats of your guests. Tuck a plush polar bear in a semi hidden corner. On the walls and scattered amongst the space, repeat the #'s 4-8-15-16-23-42. In the entry, hang a sign that says "Welcome aboard Oceanic flight 815" or design a hatch door with the Dharma logo. Randomly place Dharma labeled items throughout the space such as food containers with Dharma labels, a workman's uniform or an old computer. You can find many recycled items at your local Goodwill store in Littleton.

Music: LOST soundtracks are available , download one or all to your iPod. Or if you still have a record player, (and a few old LP's) let that spin for the night.

Food & Drink: For snacks, use a small suitcase (makeup cases work well) to display bags of peanuts, candy bars wrapped in Apollo labels, and mini-bar liquor bottles. A buffet course including a variety of sushi, pork kabobs and tropical fruits will give the island feeling. Yuki Sushi Robata in Lone Tree offers takeout and catering for larger events. Serve coconut cupcakes for dessert.

Drinks should be tropical: Pina Colada's, Mai Tai's, Bahama Mama's. Or serve beer & wine with Dharma labels on the containers.

Fun & Games: LOST Trivia or a Treasure Hunt: Give list of items the survivors might need on a deserted island like matches, pocket knife, book, compass etc. Scatter these items throughout the space. Whoever finds the most items wins. Give out Apollo candy bars as prizes.

Research: An excellent source for LOST material is Lostpedia. Check it out online for more ideas.


  • Marlene Cain 5 years ago

    Nice piece with lots of ideas people can run with. How about putting on the cover of the invite: "Get LOST"...and then on the inside: ..."at the Smith's LOST party.." or similar.

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