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Lost Dog Found releases album of fun, danceable tunes

Lost Dog Found's new album, "Dine on Danger"
Lost Dog Found's new album, "Dine on Danger"
Lost Dog Found

Swing and blues band Lost Fog Found are set to release their second full-length album, “Dine on Danger” on August 19. The songs, reminiscent of Brian Setzer Orcherstra, are entertaining and extremely danceable. The band started out when Stevie Mac, the bandleader, began writing jump blues and swing music without a band to play it. He got together with drummer Kyle Pesonen and got back in touch with old friend Chris Hudlow. With Hudlow as frontman, they recruited Jeremy Greene on tenor/baritone sax, Craig Berletti on trumpet, Nick Miller on alto sax, and upright bassist Andy Bergman.

The album is bookended by two hard-swinging tunes, “Hot Swing is Back” and “Nobody Loves me Like you Do”. “The Ghost of Johnny Walker” starts out with a cool feeling with a melody initially suggestive of the famed “Bei Mir Bistu Shein” but soon breaks out into a mid-tempo lindy with its own character. The real breakout tune is “These Times Are Tough”, which slows down the tempo, allowing dancers to catch their breath and enjoy some creativity. A fun, flirtatious piece, it ends with the line “Let's call in sick, we can spend the day in bed”. “Give Me Love” is a slow, danceable love song which also will call listeners back beyond the desire for a good dance.

“Dine on Danger” is a collection of fun, danceable tunes. “Give me Love” and “You are the Kind of Girl” show an original voice that would be great to develop on later albums. Their sound is unpretentious and enjoyable. With this album, Lost Dog Found has created a collection of fun, danceable tunes that will have girls everywhere insisting their partners learn to dance. Go to Itunes to find their first album, “The Jump Start Scandal” and “Dine on Danger” on August 19.