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Lost dog found after disappearing a year ago

Screen shot via USA Today

One couple's recent discovery of a dog in Del Valle, Texas, is a lesson in hope; according to Monday's KSDK News, the apparent stray belonged to a family who lost her a year ago.

The friendly, cream-colored pup, who was covered in burrs, showed up at the door of Jason and April Ludwig last month. According to Jason, the dog was extremely thirsty and a bit thin...she appeared to have been living without care for some time.

Fortunately, the dog was wearing a collar and a rabies tag which allowed the good Samaritans who found her to do a bit of sleuthing to find out who she belonged to.

Nobody knows where the dog, whose name is "Sadie," had magically appeared from, but when her owners were found, they told the Del Valle couple that Sadie had been missing from their home in Leander for a year...the town is over an hour away from the home where she was found.

Sherry Payne, Sadie's guardian, expressed her amazement over the discovery of her dog in an interview with KVUE News:

"I'm in shock really you know I just couldn't believe that after all that time she is back with us,"

Sadie's other guardian, Kaylee Payne, voiced her happiness as well:

"It was sad because she's been such a big part of our lives and our family and it was sad she wasn't there and to be given a second chance, it was more than I could say. Tears of joy for sure,"

There must be a good vibe coming from the Del Valle couple's home...on the day that the local news agency stopped in to interview them about Sadie's amazing reunion, another stray dog showed up at their doorstep.

Though this dog was also wearing a rabies tag, the identity of his owners has not yet been determined. In the meantime, he's received a much needed bath and is fortunate enough to be in the midst of true dog lovers.

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