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Lost dog alert: Searching for King

King escaped from his Lynchburg home on Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014
King escaped from his Lynchburg home on Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014
Sandy Wallace

Kids and pet go together. Many families bring home a dog or cat when their children are young. When dogs and kids grow up together, a special bond is formed.

Although some families purchase a pet from a breeder or pet store, many families turn to the Humane Society to find a dog or cat.

Many of our family's pets have come to our home from the Lynchburg Humane Society, including both of my younger daughter's dogs, King and Ginger.

The Lynchburg Humane Society is located at 3305 Naval Reserve Road, behind Lynchburg City Stadium. However, the organization is in the middle of a Humane Campaign, raising funds to develop a new humane care and education center.

The new facility will be located at 1211 Old Graves Mill Road and will increase the number of animals served, allowing Lynchburg Humane Society to become a no kill community.

On Saturday, February 1, our family learned that my daughter's dogs, King and Ginger, had gotten out of their fenced yard while being cared for by a pet watcher while my daughter was out of town.

Although both dogs were wearing collars with their names, rabies tags and address information, King managed to slip out of his collar.

King has been in my daughter's family for a couple of years and Ginger joined him more recently as the newest member of the family.

Ginger was found by a family off Sussex Street and came home on Sunday. King remains on the run. He was spotted many places on Saturday, including near Lynchburg College, on Fort Avenue and in the Perrymont area.

King was only seen once on Sunday morning, on Erskine Avenue near Lynchburg City Stadium. King's friends at Lynchburg Humane Society have been notified and are watching for him.

Facebook notifications and notices to the Humane Society, animal warden, local veterinary hospitals and mail carriers are among the tools we've used to spread the word about King.

If you see King out and about in Lynchburg, please notify the Lynchburg Humane Society or the animal warden and the word will get back to us.

King is off-white in color and short-haired. He's a mixed breed dog, part Shepherd, part Pit and all lovable, has a sweet personality and is great with kids. King may bark or run from you because he thinks this is a game.

A lost dog may not seem like the end of the world, but two little ones are pretty sad that their King is gone. Please help us bring King back home.

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