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LOST composer Giacchino finds success with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Michael Giacchino has been called one of the best composers in the modern age. He has a unique ability to understand the work of his predecessors and invoke an emotional bond to the visual artistry that accompany his scores. In this way, he has been compared to the great John Williams.

His latest accolades are flowing from his work on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. This film is being called the best film of the franchise since the 1968 original – and Giacchino’s score is part of the reason why. The themes are somber and serious, exploring of the roots of violence and the challenge of evolving beyond.

The music is classic Giacchino, as it reflects some of his lower key pieces he's written in his career. If you're a fan of the show LOST, you'll recognize his sentimental usage of the piano via soft themes of remembrance and emotions. Juxtaposed with the oppressive percussion, the film's themes of balancing war and peace is represented quite well in this short musical montage. By the time the piece ends, with an ominous chorus of bells and horns, we're reminded that we know how this conflict is going to end. The only question is, who's going to be sacrificed on the road to conquest? –Cinema Blend

“I do pick projects because I love them,” said Giacchino. “If I get into a project where I feel like either the people are there just because it's a job for them and it's not going to be an enjoyable process and it's going to be a war zone to get through, I always say no to that, regardless. Money is kind of irrelevant in all of this.”

Some of his most memorable work includes: Alias (2001-06), The Incredibles (2004), LOST (2004-10), Ratatouille (2007), Up, for which he won an Oscar (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) – and next year’s Jurassic World.

No matter your view is of LOST’s controversial final episode, Giacchino’s soundtrack remains deeply moving, poignant, and impressive.

In a recent Reddit AMA Giacchino did in conjunction with Dawn of POTA director Matt Reeves, fans couldn’t help asking questions about LOST (it was an Ask Me Anything, after all).

Q: My friend and I have been debating on whether there were intentional clues or not hidden in a few of the themes you wrote for the show. Can you once and for all answer whether they were intended or accidental? Is the music used in “Through the Looking Glass” when Jack stands on the ledge of the bridge about to jump off intended to have similar musical phrasing as Locke’s hatch theme implying that he was Jeremy Bentham a full season before it was revealed? Secondly, does David’s theme from Season 6 have similar phrasing to Juliet’s theme to suggest that she was the mother also before it was revealed?

A: Absolutely not, it was not intentional. In fact, I never read any of the scripts to the show! I only knew what was happening close to what the audience knew - I got it and I scored it, so I never knew what was going to happen in the next episode, let along the next scene. So I was as uninformed as the audience at the time of me writing.

Unfortunately you are reading too much into it.

I wish I was smart enough and informed enough to be able to plant those types of seeds, but unfortunately that was not the case. And thank you for your kind words, I’m so happy you loved LOST and I really miss the show. And I look forward to putting together a LOST concert one day that we can all share.

Q: Do you have a musical signature that you sign every project with?

A: No, again, you always have these plans that you wish you could have been smart enough to be that forward thinking, but the truth is, when you get a project you’re only worried about doing it right and finishing on time. There have been moments where I’ve quoted past themes in certain things - for example on LOST, there were a few moments when they had a submarine scene, and in MEDAL OF HONOR they had a submarine scene, and in the LOST scenes I quoted the submarine scene from MEDAL OF HONOR, which was an old video game that I scored. And I did that one, definitely, for the fans, to see if anyone would notice. And they did.

Q: What happened to that LOST music concert in LA that you teased on Twitter in 2012? #wehavetogobackconcert

A: Still working on it!! But it will happen one day!


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