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Lost City Diner opens in Station North

Lost City Diner at night
Lost City Diner at night

The long awaited Lost City Diner on North Charles St. in Station North has finally opened. The diner opened officially on August 16th. It has been in the makes since at least 2003. According to the Baltimore Sun's Richard Gorelick, "let's just say hydroelectric dams haven't taken as much time to complete." Gorelick adds that the reason the diner took so long to open is because the owners have meticulously decorated the space into what may be called a 1930’s sci-fi theme. The photos of the Lost City Diner in the sun make the space look fantastic, right down to the authentic vintage Eastern European military outfits the servers wear. The menu for the diner is not yet posted, but it does serve vegan and vegetarian options. Apparently the diner has a wide selection of throwback and modern milkshakes as well.