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Lost beagle reunited with Knoxville family after nearly six years

Tears of joy as April Helland and her family are reunited with Maizy after nearly 6 years.
Tears of joy as April Helland and her family are reunited with Maizy after nearly 6 years.
Young Williams Animal Center

Maizy was a young beagle when she followed the children of her family into the woods of Knoxville five-and-a-half-years ago, but she got lost that day - so very long ago for a dog. Somehow miracles do happen when luck and technology joined together to help Maizy and her long lost family find each on Tuesday reported

The beagle stray was rescued by the Young Williams Animal Center in Knoxville, and as a routine practice, all pets are scanned for microchips. Not only did Maizy have a microchip, her information was current; in turn her owners Chad and April Helland were called with the good news.

The Helland family had been distraught years before when Maizy lost her way. The friendly beagle who loved to cuddle was part of the family. Four-year-old Parker cried for his four-legged friend. Posters were displayed everywhere, but Maizy never came home.

Eventually the family adopted another beagle named Cooper, but no one ever forgot their first dog.

And then all of these years later, a tiny rice speck of technology, an animal rescue organization who routinely scanned new arrivals, and one heck of a lucky old pooch came together as the universe lined up in perfect harmony; the Helland family was reunited with Maizy.

Although Maizy is now 12-years-old and has a bit of trouble walking, what dog doesn't enjoy frequent naps? And as Maizy once again cuddled into the shoulders of her favorite humans, we are all reminded of the incredible bond between species.

Please remember to microchip your pet, and update your information as needed. Just think about Maizy and what may have happened had she never found her way home?

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