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Lost Android phone can now find it's way home

Android call me back screenshot
Peter Ma

Your Android may already include a feature you weren’t even aware of, and it could mean the difference between finding your phone, and never seeing it again, if you ever lose it. This feature gives your phone the ability to actually call you back, if and when someone finds it.

If it sounds a little far-fetched, keep in mind the technology has been available on Google Android’s since the Android 4.4 was released. To make the callback feature work, you need to go to Google’s Android Device Manager. Once there, just hit the lock button and put in a recovery message. This can be personalized with whatever you want, but basically, it is a message from you to the person that found your phone. You need to provide a phone number to reach you and an unlock password for them to use.

Once this is set up, it allows the person who finds your phone an easy way to get in touch with you by simply pushing a button. Don’t worry about the person having access to the rest of your phone, though. The feature only allows a stranger to use your phone to call you. The rest of the phone is safely locked with your existing password.

As far as the option giving the person who finds your phone the ability to call you back, though, you need to take one more step if your Android phone came with an out-of-the-box locator functionality. In this case, you need to update your phone to the latest available build in order for the feature allowing someone who finds your phone to be able to call you. You can locate that update in the Play Store.

There is also one more catch. If your phone predates the Android 4.4, you can still use the feature, but you will have to install the free app first. Android Device Manager also includes other options to keep your phone and its contents secure. You can use it to erase all of your phone’s data, locate your phone or even reset the PIN for your screen lock.

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