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Lost Actor and Lehigh Valley Native Daniel Dae Kim Joins "Hawaii 5-0" Remake

Daniel Dae Kim, a Freedom High School graduate who has spent six seasons as one of Lost's castaways, is trading one island for another.

 Kim is staying in Hawaii (where Lost is filmed) to take on a leading role in the CBS remake of Hawaii 5-0, according to E! Online.

 He'll play Chin-Ho Kelly, a role originated by Kam Fong in the original series, which ran from 1968 to 1980, the longest-running cop show in U.S. history before Law & Order came along. The remake will be produced by the co-creators of Fringe and CSI: NY showrunner Peter Lenkov.

 On Lost, Kim plays Jin-Soo Kwon, a Korean businessman/low-level criminal stranded with his wife Sun, played by Korean actress Yunjin Kim. The last two seasons have kept the characters separated, first by distance (she escaped the island, he didn't) then by time (he traveled back to 1977, she was in 2007).

 When the sixth season premiered last week, fans got to see them reunited...sort of. The show introduced a new narrative device, offering viewers a glimpse of a different reality in which Flight 815 never crashed, meaning Jin and Sun make to Los Angeles together. The real reunion, the one between a Jin and Sun tested by time, change and death, still awaits.