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Lose weight safely without starving. Eat up Idiot’s Guides: Mediterranean Diet

Denise leads the diet
Denise leads the diet
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Touted as one of the healthiest diets in the world, for decades the Mediterranean diet has been promoted as a way to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, lose weight and boost the intake of important nutrients. Much more than a fad diet, the Mediterranean diet has been practiced along the Mediterranean Sea for thousands of years and is a lifestyle that anyone can adopt.
From food personality Denise Hazime comes Idiot’s Guides: The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook (Alpha Books, $18.95.) The guide is packed with over 200 delicious recipes featuring ingredients key to the Mediterranean diet, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and helps home cooks indulge in a healthy, balanced and flavorful approach to eating and living.

Idiot’s Guides: The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook includes:
• Recipes for every meal of the day, from healthy breakfasts to satisfying desserts
• A look at the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet
• A glossary of terms
• Pointers on stocking your kitchen with good-for-you ingredients
• Information on components of the Mediterranean lifestyle, including reducing stress and increasing exercise
• Advice on adopting the Mediterranean lifestyle as your own

For readers looking for a way to embrace better health without sacrificing flavor, Idiot’s Guides: The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook is an invaluable addition to the home library.

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