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Losing Weight After 30: Begin with skincare

Britain's Next Top Model finalist Sophie Sumner attends a photocall in a shower to launch new shower lotion, Skin Bliss in Soho Square on July 7, 2009 in London, England.
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Losing Weight After 30: Begin with skincare

This is one of the few articles where I will actually talk about appearance over health, but there’s a good reason to do so.

One of the most discouraging things you can experience while getting fit is not LOOKING more fit, which can then discourage you from pushing through to your goals. While I recommend focusing on how you feel in your clothes, and how you feel overall, none of us can deny that we check the mirror to see if we’re progressing. And good-looking skin definitely impacts how we view ourselves.

One of the issues with being a bit older and trying to shrink in size, is that our skin is not quite as stretchy as it once was. We’re not saggy or wrinkly, and the better you have taken care of yourself up to this point, the better your skin will look, but all the same, it doesn’t bounce back the way it used to.

That’s why, the INSTANT you start any kind of weight loss regimen, people over 30 have to factor in skincare, too. Your skin is your largest organ, and it will reflect your overall health. So if you feed it toxins, it will look toxic. If you are dehydrated, guess where it shows up? And if you lose fat, the extra skin has a tendency to just hang there, looking dumpy, with nowhere to go.

In order for your skin to match your taut and toned body, you need to keep it supple and strong. Since we’re a bit older, moisturizing is a non-negotiable.

Here’s the thing: I only use the word “moisturize” because that’s the term we all know. What I ACTUALLY mean is: oilify. Your skin looks radiant, full and not droopy when it has enough healthy oils in it. I quit using commercial moisturizers several years ago, except for one night cream with retinol in it, but retinol (Vitamin A) should ONLY be applied at night or it actually speeds up the aging of skin!

Look at the first ingredient in most lotions: water. I figure I can water down my own moisturizer. I don’t need to pay St. Ives to do it for me. Look at all the ingredients after that: chemicals. Some of which MAY link to cancer and other health problems (studies are inconclusive, but hey, I’m not chancing it!)

In essence what I’m saying is, give your skin what it actually wants: natural oils. Jojoba oil is the closest to your natural skin oils. Coconut oil has tons of benefits. Oil twice a day if you can, and ALWAYS after showering.

Here’s my recipe:

8 oz. jojoba oil (I buy it from Trader Joe’s)

5 drops patchouli oil (patchouli reduces scarring and signs of aging)

10 drops rosemary oil (rosemary tightens skin, keeping it youthful-looking!)

15 drops lavender oil (lavender is soothing to the skin, a toner, and smells divine)

You may find the fragrance above is too strong for you, or you don’t like some of it. You can switch out, or simply not use any of the essential oils, but I strongly recommend using the base oil (either jojoba or coconut).

You may find you get complimented on your skin after you chuck the commercial cosmetics. I know that my skin needs help keeping up with my weight loss goals. I can make fat cells shrink with hard work, but that is harder to do with skin! However, hydration, nutrition, and oiling all keep your skin tightened and toned as you lose weight.

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