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'Losing his mind': Harry Reid slammed over latest anti-Koch rant

Latest anti-Koch rant by Harry Reid has some questioning his sanity.
Latest anti-Koch rant by Harry Reid has some questioning his sanity.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., was slammed by conservatives on Twitter after a series of derisive tweets attacking Rep. Paul Ryan's budget proposal as a "Koch Budget," with some questioning Reid's sanity.

"The budget proposals drafted by House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan have been a blueprint for a modern Kochtopia. It's the Koch Budget," he tweeted.

"He's losing his mind in public," tweeted the National Review's Charles C. W. Cooke.

"We’re a few weeks away from Reid blaming the Kochs for 9/11," said The Blaze's Beckett Adams.

The Twitchy staff said that at the rate Reid is going, that may happen in "a few days."

Adams reminded Reid that he is the Senate Majority Leader, and suggested he conduct himself "with some dignity."

While some said Reid needs to take his medications, others compared Reid's obsession with the Koch brothers to George Orwell's classic "1984."

"You are a character right out of Orwell," one person said.

"So, @SenatorReid, Emanuel Goldstein = Charles Koch is it?" asked Twitter user "TakingHayekSeriously," referring to the character in "1984" used by the government as the target of hate.

Some reminded Reid that while Ryan has produced a budget, the Senate under his leadership has failed to produce a single budget in five years.

Instead, Reid has spent his time in obsessive and over-the-top attacks against private citizens with whom he disagrees while making wild and false charges against Republicans.

Last week, for example, he claimed Republicans may have helped Russia annex Crimea.

He also called Americans with Obamacare horror stories liars, only to later say he never made such accusations.

It's gotten to the point that one blog said Reid's rants are now indistinguishable from parody headlines.

Ironically, Reid's attempts to demonize the Koch brothers appear to be backfiring, as the Washington Post noted that the Nevada Democrat is now less popular than his targets.

"After months (years, even) of vilification, the brothers’ negative numbers (25 percent) are actually less horrible than those of Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who gets thumbs down from 35 percent, or the president who draws a negative reaction from 49 percent of voters," Jennifer Rubin wrote, calling the campaign to smear the Koch brothers "daft."



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