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Loser keeps Bieber: Billboard puts Justin Bieber in center of Olympic hockey

The loser keeps Bieber is an interesting and very funny concept thought up by a company in Illinois. On Feb. 21, ESPN reported that the company put up a billboard that read "Loser Keeps Bieber" and refers to today's hockey game in Sochi. As most people know, the USA is facing off against Canada in men's hockey right now. While the winner of the game will get the chance to go for gold, the loser, will play for silver -- and will get to "keep" Justin Bieber, apparently!

"Command Transportation, a freight broker in Skokie, proposed that Justin Bieber should be the prize -- the prize for the loser, that is," reports ESPN.

The loser keeps Bieber concept is clever, given the fact that there has been some chatter about Justin Bieber getting deported. Since his downward spiral that has been coated with a DUI, an egging, and alleged drug use, many think that Justin should go back to Canada and cause trouble in his own country. While that likely won't happen, it's comical and since he has been a celebrity news staple this year, the billboard is quite funny.

Who do you think will win today's hockey game? Do you think Justin Bieber is a fair "prize" for the runner up?

If the loser keeps Bieber, who do you want to win?

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