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Lose weight without feeling hungry

Trying to lose weight without feeling hungry is quite tricky. You can only eat so much food and take in a limited number of calories each day before you start tipping the scale. By making the right food choices you’ll be able to satisfy your appetite and still lose weight.

Eat 5 Meals and Healthy Snacks.
Some people eat a big breakfast and eat light meals for lunch and dinner. Others skip breakfast and then go overboard the rest of the day. Some people eat three healthy meals a day, but sabotage themselves with unhealthy snacking.To lose weight without feeling hungry try eating 5 or 6 small, nutritious meals each day and snacking on healthy treats. Start with a hearty breakfast, like oatmeal with raisins. For the rest of your meals fill up on vegetables and whole grains. Eat only one serving of meat each day. If you need to snack between meals try apples and walnuts.

Overcome Your Sweet Tooth
Most people are addicted to sugar, which willl definitely make it more difficult to reduce your calorie intake. One way to satisfy your sweet tooth and lose weight without feeling hungry is to fill up on frozen smoothies. Use fruits that are naturally sweet like pineapples and strawberries. Place a cup of unsweetened almond milk in the freezer until slightly frozen. Then combine the almond milk with frozen fruit in a blender. Enjoy your delicious and healthy low-calorie treat. In fact, have one 3 times a day.

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