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Lose Weight Using A Food Journal

There are many ways to create a food journal to track your intake of food. It is very important to track everything you eat each day so that you have an accurate picture if you have weight loss goals. If you want to create a food journal to lose weight, this information may help. There may be other reasons to keep a food journal but the focus of this article is for weight loss.

First, decide what type of food journal to use. A notebook or journal from a Dollar Store in Gainesville will work nicely. I would discourage keeping an online journal unless it is a secondary tracking of information. It is more effective to have a physical journal to tote around.

Use one or two pages for each day. Write down everything that goes into your mouth, including any liquids. Don't forget about gum, Altois, Life Savers, etc. You can still have it, just be sure to write it down.

Throughout the day, gaze at the journal for accuracy. At the end of the day you will have a true picture of just what you are eating and drinking. Calculate the amount at this point. Did you have enough fruits? Did you have too many fat calories, or did you drink the amount of liquids you wanted to? Write the information you are tracking at the bottom of the page.

At the end of the week, take a page in the back of the journal and calculate totals for each week and months. Only then will you have a true idea of what is going on. As the weeks turn into months, you can see if you are doing better some months than others. Average this out and you may find you are doing better than you think you are. You will see that the time it took to create a food journal was well worth it.


  • Pat Anthony, Charlotte Healthy Living Examiner 5 years ago

    These are really good ideas that will help a person keep track of what they are really eating.

  • Roberta Baxter Eugene,OR. Dogs Examiner 5 years ago

    Your well written article gives me lots of good information.thank you.

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