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Lose weight for free. Working out and getting healthy doesn't have to cost anything!

Healthy doesn't have to cost you anything.  You are all the gym equipment you'll ever need.
Healthy doesn't have to cost you anything. You are all the gym equipment you'll ever need.
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The first half of every New Year, gym’s are packed! Friends and family packages are offered, group rates, a small monthly fee to get thin is offered around every corner. The catch all phrase and ultimate closing line, “Invest in a Healthier You!” seems to rake in those membership dollars. However, does getting healthy have to cost you anything?

A recent poll was conducted on Facebook and the question posed, “In lieu of a gym membership, what can a person do to get fit and healthy? Here’s what some very real people commented:

“It starts with the individual and their commitment. A physical is a good place to start, keeping a journal, and keeping the right people around you that can influence, support and sustain you is important. Remember to start with small steps and work your way up to bigger ones.” Tisha D.

“Health and fitness is an individual choice and one must be able to ask and answer, how important is it to me? I love to eat so I have to make it a point to work out.” Kaleo P.

“More sex (chuckles)….additionally walking, eating healthy, praying, being with friends…personal balance is key to physical balance.” Matt C.

“Fun DVD’s like salsa, yoga, aerobics in the privacy of your home works. Lots of fruits and vegetables and making wise choices of what goes into you is key. Most of all, get your mind set to do the exercises that will get you fit and healthy.” Sharon J.

“Getting fit doesn’t have to cost much.
Look for community centers and non-profit resources that offer group classes for low to no cost. Simple things like walking, riding a bike, jogging and using your own body weight for crunches, push ups, planks, works too.” Donna O.

“If you live in the tropics…paddle board!” Cynthia M.L.

“Park father from an entry way, take the stairs more often, play with your kids…little things add up.” Justin C.

From the looks of things, its safe to say that getting fit and healthy starts with an individual’s choice and commitment level. Next take a serious look at your diet. Set a menu plan, keep to it, and journal it in order to track progress and challenges. Get your significant others and friends on your bandwagon, there’s fun and safety in numbers. Most importantly…do something, for you are all the gym and workout equipment you’ll ever need. Use it.


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