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Lose weight fast: Make nutritious food convenient at work

Cut and portion watermelon to make it a more conveniet brown bag choice.
Cut and portion watermelon to make it a more conveniet brown bag choice.
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Trying to lose weight? Love nutritious food but find it easier to grab a convenient snack while at work? Wish someone would make convenient nutritious foods? Tempted by vending machines and fast food convenience? Lose weight fast by making nutritious foods an easier choice at work.


Sure, pieces of fruit like apples, bananas and peaches are convenient. What about watermelon? How do you easily incorporate healthy, but cumbersome foods like that into your lunch? Once a week on grocery day, cut up watermelon and other non-portable fruit. Package portions in baggies for work. Keep them in the fridge for a convenient nutritious food snack.


Nuts are great for you. They can be easily overdone. Avoid nuts with additional sugar or salt added. Stick to plain, natural nuts. Nuts in the shell are cheaper but not if they don't get eaten. Don't expect to lose weight by eating a whole bag of nuts each day. Put 10-12 nuts in individual bags for portion controlled portability.


Plain popcorn is low calorie and high fiber. Pop and divide into portion controlled bags for convenience. Avoid butter and salt. Try herbs or mix with nuts and dried fruit. Lose weight fast by skipping the high calorie toppings.


Candy bars from the work vending machine are convenient and tempting. For a more healthy convenient food, purchase large bars of the darkest chocolate available. Put 2 squares each into individual baggies. Freeze. Bring one to work daily. Lose weight by eating these instead of vending machine candy.

Note: Sucking rather than chewing makes them last longer.

Crunchy veggies

Bring raw carrots, snap peas, broccoli and cut celery to work. Chewing stimulates the digestive system into action to help you lose weight. The crunchiness of this convenient nutritious food is satisfying. Bring portion controlled dips to add flavor.

For variety try:

  • Sliced raw sweet potatoes

  • Raw asparagus w/lemon juice

  • Raw cubed or sliced squash

  • Sliced raw beets


I find pickles to be a great substitute for chips when trying to lose weight. Pickles are crunchy and salty but with far fewer calories than chips. Toss a pickle into a baggy before heading off to work. Avoid those vending machine chips.

Note: This convenient nutritious food should be avoided by those on low sodium diets.

This article is based on personal experience. It is not intended to replace professional medical advice.

This article was previously published by this author on Yahoo! It has been updated and revised for Examiner.

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