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Lose weight and stay safe with Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit which grows in parts of Myanmar, Indonesia and south west India in moist forests. It belongs to mangos teen family. This fruit is pale yellow to green in color and looks like a small pumpkin and is sour in taste. It is used in preparations of curries and other preservatives. It can also be used in preparation of medicine called Purgatives. Purgative is a drug that helps in the improvement of bowel movements. They act as a best medicine for constipation. Garcinia cambogia received a very considerable media attention because of its work in weight loss regime although there is no evidence that clinically proves this. In 2012, Dr Oz, a United States TV personality, personally promoted that garcinia cambogia extract significantly aids in weight loss. It is also a cheapest natural agent to lose weight. These endorsements resulted in substantial increase in the sales of extracts of Garcinia Cambogia. The consumer interest skyrocketed within a short span.

Obesity has grown to be a very common medical condition that occurs due to the excess accumulation of fat in different parts of the body. Almost two thirds of total population is obese. The main reason is unhealthy lifestyle and life without physical activity. Obesity has turned out to be an epidemic. Obesity results in apple like body shape, heart related ailments, joint pains, difficulty in walking and climbing steps and results in early death. The aforementioned reasons boosted the significance of Garcinia Cambogia and millions of people reached out for it in a very short time.

Ingredients Of Garcinia Cambogia

According to reports, Garcinia Cambogia contains Hydroxycitric acid, HCA. It is a derivative of citric acid. It is also found in Hibiscus sabdariffa. According to animal studies, HCA has a potential effect on metabolism of lipid. As per a clinical research, it does have significant effect on weight loss and is a boon to those who are planning to lose weight in a short span.

Another ingredient is serotonin. It is a hormone that is produced by brain. This hormone controls appetite, stress and mood swings.

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Function?

Hydroxycitric acid is the main ingredient of this fruit. It aids in the production of an enzyme called Lease. It halts conversion of carbohydrates into glucose and glycogen. The carbohydrates are stored in the body as fats and provide energy to the body. It improves the communication between mind and body. This provides a sense of fullness and thereby restricting the individual from overeating. When the hunger reduces, the obvious immediate effect is weight loss. The hormones released keep the stomach full and help in controlling intake of food due to emotional disturbance. HCA supplies required nutrients to the body. It brings changes in the metabolic system's functions. It increases the metabolic rate but at the same time keeps one full all times. Breast feeding mother are advised to stay away from Garcinia Cambogia as it drastically affects the sugar levels in the blood. As it keeps one full, lactating mothers tend to eat less which is not safe for both the mother and baby.

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