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Lose weight and get fit with a 3-stage New Year's Resolution

In order to make a New Year's Resolution that actually sticks and yields long-term results, you're going to have to make it with a three step plan. Especially if it's a health and fitness based resolution. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain flexibility or train for your first race … in this Fitzness Minute starring Fitz Koehler of, Fitz teaches you how and why to go about creating a successful game-plan. Setting small, instantly attainable goals will be the inspiration and motivation to keep you on track for major accomplishments.

Celebrity fitness trainer Fitz Koehler on making a 3-step New Year's Resolution
Fitz Koehler of

Fitz's wardrobe courtesy of Oakley.
Video courtesy of ABC's WCJB TV20 News.