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Lose six pounds with Weekend Wonder Detox weight loss diet: Fat-blast tea recipe

Take off six pounds in just one weekend.

Detox diets have become increasingly popular. But many of these cleanses involve lengthy, complex and even questionable solutions to shedding pounds while detoxifying the body. Now Michelle Schoffro Cook, MSc, PhD, offers a series of short-term, easy-to-follow cleanses designed to turbo-charge your weight loss in just a weekend at a time. You can learn how to lose up to six pounds in one weekend in her new book: "Weekend Wonder Detox: Quick Cleanses to Strengthen Your Body and Enhance Your Beauty" (click for details).

We interviewed Michelle to learn precisely how her cleanses work, and to find out her favorite recipe from the many weight loss fat-blasters included in the book. She also is the author of "60 Seconds to Slim: Balance Your Body Chemistry to Burn Fat Fast!" and "The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan: A Program for Greater Energy, Health, and Vitality."

The fat-blast diet weekend offers an "easy, effective, and healthy way to lose some fat without following extreme approaches that can be damaging to the body," she says.

It involves:

  • avoiding the top 10 foods that make people fat (which are detailed in the Weekend Wonder Detox book)
  • sipping fresh veggie juices
  • learning about the right snacks
  • enjoying a large daily salad
  • consuming high protein foods at each meal
  • dishing up Michelle's top eight fat-blasting foods.

"I also include a couple of supplements that are proven to burn fat to create more energy, along with an easy strength-training program and metabolism-boosting cardio workouts," she says.

How much can you lose? Four to six pounds in just one weekend, plus a boost in energy, reduction in bloating and a flat tummy, says Michelle.

Michelle's favorite recipe is cranberry green tea lemonade. It burns fat, especially around the abdomen, while flushing fat from the body and detoxifying the liver.

Plus: "Drinking this instead of soda results in a huge reduction in calories and grams of sugar since it is sweetened only with all-natural stevia. The cranberries further target fat, improve the flow of lymph in the lymphatic system to flush out toxins throughout the whole body, and strengthen the kidneys," she says.

Cranberry green tea lemonade
Serves 2 to 4

  • 1 quart or liter of water
  • 6 green tea bags
  • 4 lemons, juiced
  • 10 drops liquid stevia (or to taste)
  • Ice
  • 1 cup fresh or frozen cranberries

Bring the water to boil. Add the tea bags and let them steep for 5 to 10 minutes. While the tea is steeping, mix the lemon juice with the stevia. Add ice to the tea, and allow it to cool before adding the lemon juice-stevia mixture. Pour into a blender with the cranberries. Blend and serve.
Adapted with permission from "Weekend Wonder Detox: Quick Cleanses to Strengthen Your Body and Enhance Your Beauty" by Michelle Schoffro Cook, MS, PhD, ROHP (DaCapo, 2014). Get additional details, including how to order the book from Amazon, by clicking here.

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