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Lose fat & gain muscle

Ryan / Mix Images
Ryan / Mix Images
Lose Fat & Gain Muscle

A lot of people spend a lot of energy, money and time on losing weight. Often their obsessive quest to drop scale weight leaves them disappointed. Even though they may achieve their goal, their body doesn’t look any better - in fact it looks worse. It’s about time that these people understood that losing weight is never the right goal. If that is your ambition, you’ll be happy to sacrifice muscle mass, water weight, vitamins and minerals just to get your weight down. The far smarter way to go is to focus on a two tier approach - losing body fat while simultaneously building muscle. Doing that will allow you to sculpt a healthy, fit body to be proud of.

The Power of Synergy

Combining fat loss will allow you to take your body to the next level. The two endeavors will work synergistically to actually make it easier to lose the fat. Consider 3 reasons why;

(1) Weight training to build muscle burns a lot of calories: A routine built around compound movements like squats, lunges, dead lifts and bench presses will get you puffing while your’e hitting your muscles.
(2) The After burn Effect: When you work out with weights, you place stress on your muscle cells. Often the cell breaks down. After your workout the body gets busy repairing the cell. And, when you take in your post-workout meal, the body will channel the protein directly to the cell so that it can be rebuilt, stronger and better than it was before. All of this takes calories. This metabolism enhancement means that you’ll be losing fat for 24 hours after your workout.
(3) Muscle weighs 5 times more than fat. So, every pound of muscle that you pack onto your frame is going to require a lot more energy to sustain it. That means that the more muscle on your framer the naturally more lean you’ll become for no extra time or energy investment.

The Smart Training Combination

The most effective, efficient training system to transform your body must include a combination of cardiovascular and resistance training. By alternating days between cardiac and weight training you’ll be able to ensure that you’re hitting both systems while allowing for adequate recovery between sessions. If you’re a beginner, however, you should limit your weight training sessions to twice per week. The following cardio and weight training routines will allow you lose fat while simultaneously building muscle.

Cardio for Fat Loss: The key to a successful, ongoing cardio program is to select an exercise that you enjoy doing. Whether it’s walking, cycling, using a treadmill or running on the beach, you’ve got to mentally buy into the process. You’ll want to exercise with a moderate intensity for 30-40 minutes. To find your ideal training intensity use the heart rate method. Simply subtract your age from 220. This will give you your maximum heart rate. For a moderately hard work-out that you will able to sustain for 35 minutes, train at 75-80% of your maximum.

Weight Training for Muscle Gain: Build your program around basic, compound movements. Work your entire body in each session. Each exercise should be performed for 3 sets with a pyramiding rep range, starting at 15, then going to 10 and then 8. If possible train with a partner who can spot you on every set. The following program will allow you to build maximum muscle while shedding fat during the first 3 months of training:

(1) Squats
(2) Lunges
(3) Lat Pull-downs ( progress to chin ups strength allows)
(4) One arm rowing
(5) Dumbell Bench Press
(6) Cable Flyes
(7) Push ups
(8) Seated shoulder press
(9) Barbell curls
(10) Tricep Pushdowns

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