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Lose an Ear or Lend an Ear and Hear More about Van Gogh

It isn’t generally known, but famed Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh was intensely fascinated with the art and culture of Japan. Over the course of his career, Van Gogh painted copies of Japanese ukiyo-e prints and collected a range of Japanese art.

Today, May 8, join lecturer Simon Kelly, Curator of Modern and Contemporary art at the Saint Louis Art Museum, at six pm for a talk that examines the impact of japonisme on the artistic development of Van Gogh. Regular admission to the Frist obtains, but there is no additional charge for the lecture.

The event is being held in that big art deco building you pass by every day, 919 Broadway

Call 615-244-3340 for more info on the Frist and the gallery talk or just if you’re lonely and need to hear a human voice. Sorry, no special requests.

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