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Lose 15 pounds in 10 days: Try Green Smoothie Cleanse weight loss diet

Lose 15 pounds in 10 days with the Green Smoothie Cleanse.
Adiva Publishing

If you want to lose weight fast and keep it off, JJ Smith says she has the answer. It's all described in her new Green Smoothie Cleanse diet, which she discussed on Steve Harvey's show recently.

Author of "10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 10 Days," JJ told Steve that she designed her new weight loss diet to detoxify the body while accelerating fat-burning. The key to her plan: Sipping smoothies that satisfy your hunger, reduce cravings and optimize your metabolism.

Steve says he also sips green drinks as a way to stay in shape and get nutrients naturally rather than from supplements. As JJ suggests, he regularly replaces one meal a day with a smoothie.

JJ's plan includes recipes made of raw fruit, raw veggies (primarily leafy greens) and almond milk or other liquid. She suggests using a ratio of 6:4 for fruit to greens.

Although JJ recommends organic produce, she says you can use frozen fruit to save money. Author of "6 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise," she noted that she designed the plan to target abdominal fat while maintaining muscle.

In addition to the standard formula of fruit, vegetables and liquid, you can add flax or chia seeds, says JJ. The recipe below shows how to incorporate those additions to enhance the smoothie with protein and fiber.

Pineapple Spinach Smoothie

• 2 handfuls of spinach
• 1 cup pineapple chunks
• 2 cups frozen peaches
• 2 peeled bananas
• 1 packet of stevia
• 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseeds
• 2 cups of water
Blend thoroughly.

As an alternative approach, Ann Louise Gittleman has designed "The Fast Track Detox Diet: Boost metabolism, get rid of fattening toxins, jump-start weight loss and keep the pounds off for good." Her detox diet involves a seven-day "prequel" plan, followed by a one-day jump-start juice fast.

The juice fast detox features what Ann Louise calls "Miracle Juice" made of unsweetened cranberry juice, spices, orange juice and lemon juice. She says that the combination cuts cravings while cleansing the body.

So do all these detox diets work? Well, maybe, depending on which expert you consult. The Mayo Clinic's registered dietitian Katherine Zeratsky says that they are not scientifically proven.

However, she adds that the approach offers benefits because they encourage you to avoid "highly processed foods that have solid fats and added sugar." By seguing to a healthy eating plan after the detox, you can maintain your weight loss. Katherine recommends consulting your physician before starting any type of fast, even a modified approach.

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