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Los Lonely Boys: The band of brothers is back

Los Lonely Boys
Los Lonely Boys
Gabriella McSwann / Way of Light Photography

As Los Lonely Boys get ready for a three-night stand in New York’s City Winery that runs from Monday through Wednesday, there is a common theme running through the collective mind of the Texas trio.

“We’re happy to just be alive, and that’s first and foremost,” said bassist Jojo Garza. “And as far as the music business goes, we couldn’t be more thankful for what we still have and what we’re able to still keep doing and for the support of all the people across the world and across the country.”

It may be an odd comment from a member of the rock band, but Garza, who is joined by his brothers Henry (guitar) and Ringo (drums) in the group, has good reason for such words, not just because of his recovery from a 2010 vocal cord injury, but Henry’s return from injuries suffered when he fell off the stage in February of 2013. It’s instances like this that make the Garzas remember that when all is said and done, they’re not just bandmates, but brothers.

“We’re all on the same path and have the same idea, and the same things that we want out of our lives are to be able to be alive and to be able to spread music that is given to us,” he said when asked why this family affair works. “It’s the direction we all have, and it really keeps us rooted. Something else that’s really important is that we’re not all gonna be here forever. So we’re giving it as much as we can for each other. We’re family, and we’re very thankful for that.”

That joy, energy, and gratitude is apparent from start to finish on the group’s latest studio release, Revelation. One of those rare albums that doesn’t require multiple listens to let you know how good it is, the 12 tracks do remind you how underrated this Austin band is when it comes to musicianship, grooves, harmonies, and hooks. And while the group may not have hit the singles chart in a big way since 2004’s Top 20 hit “Heaven,” that’s no reflection on where the Garzas are at musically these days.

“You’ve definitely got to keep honing your craft,” said Garza. “Even if you hit a certain level of success or a certain level of how business works for you, it doesn’t mean that anything slows down by any means. And musical growth is right along with that – lyrically, sonically, and knowing where certain grooves live and being able to adapt that. You’ve got to be able to grow, and not get perfect, but try to be as good as you can be.”

Tracks like “Dream Away,” “There’s Always Tomorrow,” and “Everything About You” are as good as anything LLB have produced, and if the first impression is that Henry’s scary fall and eventual recovery may have added to the energy level and ‘happy to be here’ feel of the record, Jojo Garza says that wasn’t a conscious decision, but just the way things played out.

“We just really let it be itself, and somehow it seems to be that,” he said. “It’s like a tree growing a new branch every time an album has been pressed. It’s still part of the tree, but maybe it’s a stronger branch. I think we’re keeping it down to Earth, sticking together, and it all takes its own course. These are the songs we felt that people would begin to feel something with, and it’s the connection of being able to be alive another day and every day. That’s the truth. Every bit of music that comes out of us, we really feel that it’s something given to us.”

Los Lonely Boys will appear at City Winery on March 24, 25, and 26. For tickets, click here.

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