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Los Angles studio operates new Ga. film complex

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2
Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

MBS3, prestigious Los Angeles movie studio company, is teaming with prominent Atlanta developer Jim Jacoby to operate a scheduled Atlanta Film Media complex in Gwinnett County.

Jacoby development plans for the 114-acre Atlanta Film Media complex, include six sound stages, production offices, workshops, 300 hotel rooms, student housing, film school, apartments, and retail stores.

Jacoby has brilliantly developed Midtown Atlantic Station, and has scheduled plans to build Porsche’s North American Headquarters division at the closed Hapeville Ford plant adjacent to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Currently, MBS3 operates one of the largest movie production companies within the Los Angeles area.

James Cameron, Oscar winning Director of Hollywood movie blockbusters “Titanic” and “Avator,” has established his movie production company at MBS3 studio, while Marvel Studios has produced movies at the prestigious Los Angeles film complex.

Moreover, MBS3 studio has produced big budget films and television productions, including “Iron Man 2” and the ABC drama “Revenge.”

Currently, Georgia is ranked in the top five as one of the most sought after film locations in the U.S.

Georgia grants a 30% tax credit for Hollywood producers and directors to film movies and TV programs within the state.

Georgia has enacted one of the most lucrative tax incentives in the nation, thus motivating Hollywood executives to produce more movies and television programs within the state.

According to the Georgia Department Of Economic Development, Hollywood has spent $1.4 billion producing movies and TV programs in Georgia during the 2014 fiscal year.

Lee Thomas, Deputy Commissioner For Georgia Film, Music and Digital Entertainment office, is excited about the new development of the Atlanta Film Media complex in Gwinnett County.

“The film and television studios that are locating or expanding in Georgia are what create permanent jobs for Georgia’s skilled industry professionals,” Lee reportedly said. “As more studios and support companies open their doors, the level of film and television business is significantly increased, which helps maintain our growth in the industry.”

Last year Atlanta City Council voted 11-2 to establish an Office Of Entertainment to work in conjunction with Georgia Film, Music, Digital Entertainment office to manage the booming Atlanta film industry.

Jason MacDonald and his wife and business partner Catherine Dyer, are founders of Drama Inc., a Grant Park artistic organization offering workshops, classes, head shots, coaching and other services to fellow actors.

The Drama Inc. founders are equally excited about the new Atlanta Film Media Complex opening soon in Gwinnett County.

“In the last six months, we have seen an influx of actors from L.A.,” MacDonald reportedly said. “People who have had some success out there, but have heard that Atlanta is the place to be. The result of this has been increased competition from actors.”

MacDonald further elaborated about the convenient artistic dilemma facing Hollywood executives.

“In some cases demand is out-stripping supply,” MacDonald explained. “We are still hearing that when it comes to crews there are not enough qualified people.”

Screen Gems has constructed 40,000 square feet state-of-the-art sound stage on 30 acres of Lakewood Fairgrounds.

This year London based Pinewood Studios Group opened a $20 million 300 acres state-of-the-art mega film complex in Fayette County, Ga.

In 2009 Atlanta Director/Producer Tyler Perry renovated two former Delta Airlines affiliated buildings to construct Tyler Perry Studios adjacent to the Greenbriar Mall area in southwest Atlanta.

Recently, Atlanta Director/Producer Perry has expanded his movie and television operation with the scheduled $33 million 346 acre Atlanta Fort McPherson purchase.

Georgia has become a multi-billion dollar film industry, and has firmly established Atlanta as the “Hollywood Of The South.”

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