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Los Angeles web series season

LA Web Series Season
LA Web Series Season
Courtesy of, Barbi Caruso Photography, Compiled by Flo DiBona

The end of March and beginning of April mark the annual Los Angeles web series season. There are web series festivals and awards ceremonies that draw bigger and bigger crowds each year as series are screened and recognized for their achievements much like movie and television productions are. People come from all over the world to attend the festivals and awards ceremonies.

First up this year was the 2014 LAWeb Fest ( which took place the last week of March. This is the festival's fifth year. It features screenings of all web series entries and culminates in a red carpet awards ceremony and post-ceremony party. The festival spans three days of series screenings followed by the awards ceremony on the final day. This year there over 350 web series entries in the festival from 20 countries around the world.

Next up was the Independent Series Awards (ISA) ( The ISA has also been around for five years and is the Academy Awards of the web series world replete with red carpet ceremonies and lavish after-awards celebrations.

To round things out, the LA web series season closed out with the Hollyweb Fest (, also a three day festival of web series screenings culminating in a festival awards ceremony and after-awards celebrations. This was the festival's third year and it also screened hundreds of web series entries.

If you are a web series fan, LA is the place to be in late March/early April to experience all the best in web series offerings, see screenings of new and ongoing web series, hobnob with series creators, casts, and crews, and celebrate this exciting new genre.