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Los Angeles surprise night spot to meet and mingle at the top

American Film Market views
American Film Market views
Georgia Menides

In the Los Angeles film scene, work is play and play is work. And its always the people who excel at both who move to the top of the field. It's shouldn't then surprise that some of the most original and lavish parties spring to life during times when the business side of the film business is at peak.

Nothing says business to like the American Film Market. Every November, about 8,000 global distributors and film financiers “buyers” fly in from all over the world and flood into the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica for a week with one mission, acquire content.

Like experienced miners looking for gold, buyers sort through a week of screenings and meetings, wrestling with producers shoving postcards in their faces, looking for the right films, and trying to snap up the best ones before their competitors. Over 1 billion dollars of deals are made inside the temporarily converted hotel rooms or in the elegant lobby, cozy wood paneled bar, and deck set up with a gourmet burger chef, and cushy lounge chairs surrounding the sky blue pool overlooking Santa Monica pier and Pacific itself in all it's glory.

Naturally, where there are buyers, there are artists, producers, writers, and actors hoping to bump elbows with the person who could buy their script or film, changing the course of their life forever. At AFM this kind of phenomenon does actually happen. Possibility infuses the air here and everyone is a little giddy because of it. Everyone is a little extra friendly. The ocean air doesn't hurt either.

Adding to the mix of people striking up conversations are the promotrs for the new films the US distributors and sales agents are hoping to sell. These promotions can which can range from banners and LED screens to barely dressed promo models handing out postcards for Asylum's latest blood bath. And of course, each film premiere comes with an after party...

You can taste the excitement and fun rising with the excessive liquor in the lobby of the Loews hotel from 4 to about 10 every night after the market closes and the distributors wander down from their offices. After a day of watching trailer after trailer, these power player decision makers are ready to drink! Fortunately, there are no shortage of people looking to drink with them.

While you can't get up into the hotel suites themselves without a badge (and why would you really want to if you're looking to mingle) the lobby and pool is for everyone (just make sure you look good).

In Los Angeles, if you're looking to expand your social circle in Los Angeles you need to think out of the box.

At the American Film Market you're in a place where everyone wants to talk to you. People are looking to collaborate. Just stand there with a drink and the next thing you know, you'll be laughing at a pool side table with a group of people from Denmark or at an after party at a bar with an amazing new filmmaker getting tickets for next weeks hot screening. Where to go from the lobby can range from a cocktail at the Viceroy or to some of the AFM sponsored parties (try to hit the legendary exhibitors bash at the Santa Monica pier's carnival). But wherever you end up the night will have a charge that can't be matched.

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