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Los Angeles soccer coach get’s paid in smiles

Dana Lee Moreno, a twenty-two year old University of Nevada graduate, recently took on coaching soccer full time without a paycheck. Moreno, played soccer her entire life with one dream. Yet after various considerations of playing professional soccer, she felt like she was missing the bigger picture. After a bit of soul searching through college she found her true passion, volunteering.

Typical day of Dana Lee Moreno.
Stephanie Murillo
Dana Lee Moreno
Stephanie Murillo

“Of course I want to be a famous soccer star. Be that person everyone admires and roots for, but I also want to be that person who makes a difference. I want to change peoples lives, inspire them, and this is why I chose to volunteer,” Moreno said.

After getting settled back in her hometown of Pacoima, California. Moreno, paid a visit to her former high school. There she spent countless hours volunteering with the school’s soccer team. The transition of college life into the real world, is generally the wake up call for most post-grads. Yet instead of dwelling on the negatives, Moreno focused her energy on living in the present.

“Let your dream be bigger than your fears,” as Moreno says. Despite not having a full time job, stable income, or solid plans for the future, she focused on giving back.

“The smile I get from the kids I work with is my paycheck, worth more than the weight of gold,” as Moreno puts it. Moreno has given back to her community in more ways than one, the smile she radiates is contagious. With juggling her internship at Fox Sports News, to helping coach a high school soccer team and volunteering at her local Boys and Girls club; we see only great things to come for the young graduate.

This is just one of the many great people of Generation Y. Moreno is filled with a passion for her civic duty, open-mind and caring. While many think the kids our age have it made, well think again.

What is identity? As Moreno answered, “Identity is ones description of their soul.” ☐ SM

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