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Los Angeles Poetry Examiner's Friday Pick: 3 poems by Alicia Winski

Poet/writer Alicia Winski
Poet/writer Alicia Winski
Alicia Winski

Poet and Author Alicia Winski was determined to act. A gypsy's prediction that she would be a writer came true years later when Winski found herself picking up a pen in a struggle for lucidity after a long struggle with panic disorder, developed in 2002. She has yet to put her pen down.

Her work has been featured in numerous publications, and her first poetry collection, "Running On Fumes", published in early 2010, was followed by a second collection entitled "Naughty Girls Dream In Color".

She has been co-publisher and co-editor of Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House with Los Angeles poet and poetry examiner Apryl Skies. While there, Winski brought to the literary table, eight titles, including Amazon's #1 best seller, "In The Company of Women, An Anthology of Wit & Wisdom, Sass & Class" and "Men In the Company of Women, An Anthology of Praise & Persuasion", released in February of 2013 where it remained #1 on the Amazon charts for best selling men's anthology.

In her own writing, Alicia Winski brings a fiercely honest approach to poetry in a unique voice, and with her work published nationwide and internationally, she continues to astound readers world-wide. (excerpts from Poets &, read more...)

unforgiving ~ a lament

by alicia winski


forged steel in the face of tardy compliant pleading,

a cast iron anvil resistant to hammerings

of tenacious self-justification--


she is fury


holes bored by eyes through jaws of dissembling

penitence, disdainfully impervious to the firewall

of insincerity igniting indignation


she is condemnation


trust traumatized, alliance twisted by aspirant

premeditation, white hot rage sizzles under

the sting of salted-tears


she is wounded


deaf to mewling entreaty

dumb in refusal of absolvitory speech

blind to the desiccated olive branch


she is unforgiving


speaking in tongues

by alicia win ski



he speaks in tongues


his words pass through lips casting smiles

over pearly whites before the swine,

lyricizing songs of love unsung


my feet dance, attempting to

keep time with perplexing strains


he pours mixed messages and metaphor

onto canvas, finger painting pretty pictures

never to be captured in posterity


I spill arterial sincerity from fragile veins

left anemic in wasted effort


he carelessly sops me up, bread to spilt

milk left long untouched, soured over time,

curdled in cavalier disregard


I pen poetic heart flutters fallen

on deaf ears, and he--


he speaks in tongues

~the touch of a woman~

by Alicia Winski

There is nothing quite as fiery as

the touch of a woman

she might scorch you to bone and ash with

a lingering reflective look, as requests for close

acquaintance are considered and well met

this same woman can char and scar your skin,

her warm, singular digit leaving behind its trace

a smoldering path well traveled, content

In her passions, a woman will incinerate you,

damning you to the flames of a thousand hells,

redeem you with a thousand mercies—

bless you in a thousand salvations

she can melt you down to a liquid pool with little

more than the wary flicker of an eyelash, the shimmer

of a soft smile tremulous with promise


and, when life loses you to resigned despair, in purpose, she will

find you, capture you cradled within warm welcoming thighs,

her ardent love-soft cries guiding the way, leading you back


bringing you home ... at last

it doesn’t really matter how—

in the end, a woman will touch you and you

... will always get burned~.

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