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Los Angeles Plays Host to Howard Zinn in His Final Hours

"War is terrorism, magnified a hundred times." -Howard Zinn
"War is terrorism, magnified a hundred times." -Howard Zinn
Photo: Associated Press


  • Eugene Hamburger 6 years ago

    Good riddance. _A People's History_ is a monumental achievement in deliberate bias and distortion; a miopic account of American history viewed solely through the lens of class warfare. It is pro-Soviet, pro-Mao, blames the USA for Pearl Harbor and purposefully misstates facts (especially regarding George Washington being the richest man in America - a fine Marxist fantasy, but difficult to rectify considering ol' George had to borrow money to attend his own inaugeration). This book of lies has misled and brainwashed countless college students since it was published.

    Zinn was an admittedly biased Marxist whose propoganda should never be allowed to pass for fact. If there's no after-life, then I am glad I will never have to meet him. If there is one, I hope his is very hot.

  • Carrie Poppy 6 years ago

    Ahhh, Christian charity.

  • Eugene Hamburger 6 years ago

    Never said I was Christian. I think it speaks volumes about your thought process and narrow worldview that you immediately assumed I was.

  • Timothey L 6 years ago

    Hell is a Christian concept, asswipe.

  • SG 6 years ago

    I think it speaks volumes about your thought process and narrow worldview that you immediately assumed standard history books are less biased and Howard Zinn's, Mr. Hamburger

  • Eugene Hamburger 6 years ago

    TimothyL: Name calling, eh? Very mature. Try acctually reading what I wrote I said "IF there is no afterlife... IF there is an afterlife..." If anything, that statement comes across as agnostic. And secondly, Hell is not solely a Christian concept. Help yourself to a history book sometime.

    SG: I never said anything about the nebulous concept of "other history books." Yes, there are other biased history books. But that is completely irrelevant to my point about Zinn being a totally biased Marxist used to indoctrinate college students. Do you realize the fallacy in your argument? It's like I said "this car is broken" and you responded with "Oh yeah?! Lots of cars are broken!" It doesn't change the original issue.

  • SG 5 years ago

    Sorry you had trouble understanding my point Eugene. I used the term "standard" history books - referring to the text books most commonly used in public schools in this country. These have tended to be written from a white, male perspective. They include women and people of color as asides and anomalies, but rarely as central figures and never from their perspectives. I don't know why you would consider the standard history books less biased than Zinn's.

  • Timothey L 5 years ago

    Eugene, I think "Small Girl" (who, judging by her thoughts, isn't all that small) meant that you probably got your information from the history books we all grew up with. She did not take into account the possibility that you were there for George Washington's inauguration. I don't claim to be a Washington expert, but if it means anything, Wikipedia backs up this "Small Girl" and not this "Eugene Hamburger." Going by Eugene's propensity for barfing insults all over this column, I'm going to throw in with SG.

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